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Yoga Poses to Open the Spring Channels of the Body:

The Liver and Gall Bladder

As both the liver(Liv) and gall bladder(GB) meridians zig-zag along the sides of the head and body, in order to ‘open’ these channels and allow the energy to flow freely, certain yoga poses that lengthen the sides of the trunk, and the inner (Liv) and outer(GB) sides of the legs, are good to practise during spring.

triangle-poseTriangle pose: Step feet 3.5 feet apart, extend arms out to the sides. Turn back (left) heel slightly out, front (right) foot completely out to the side. Stretch R. arm out to side – by extending the side of the trunk – lower R. hand to shin, raise other L. arm up, so both form a vertical line, and chest is open to the front. Turn head to look up at hand. Take a few breaths. Repeat on other side.
parshvakonasanaSide angle pose: Step feet 4 feet apart, raise arms till parallel to floor. Turn feet as above. Bend R. leg towards a right angle at the knee, bring hand down in front of R foot, touch fingers to the floor, or, if necessary place palm on a height, eg. a block. Extend L. arm up vertically, then take it over the side of the head (not parallel to the floor), so the side of the trunk is extended and a line from the foot up to the hand is formed, in an angle of about 45 degrees. Breathe.

Twists also release the sides of the trunk and particularly open the liver organ, which is located on the right side of the rib cage. (Avoid doing this close to the consumption of alcohol and rich food!)

Twisted sitting pose: Sit on a folded towel, with legs extended out in front on the floor. Raise arms up, turn trunk to the R. Take right hand towards the back, out from the R hip, place L. hand on the outside of the R. knee. Take a few soft breaths. Repeat on other side< These are just some of the postures – please contact me if you’d like to know some more!

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