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Do your joints and back ache more in winter?

bad-backRelieve back pain and stiff joints with acupuncture and herbs.

In Sydney, we don’t have such a cold winter compared to Europe. I remember how I felt when I spent a whole season in Vienna – apart from a desire to eat a delicious calorie-laden torte or strudel fairly regularly! Because it was SO COLD, as in minus 5 to minus 20 degrees, I developed a tendency to draw my shoulders up and hunch my upper back. This soon caused my back and other parts of my body to stiffen up.

It has now been accepted and scientific studies have shown that acupuncture needles relieve back pain, as they stimulate qi and blood to flow more strongly to the areas of the body that need it. Another wonderful tool besides needles is ‘moxa’, a stick of tightly compressed herb, which is ignited and held over certain points to warm them and enhance the action of the needle.

Or try a combination of old and new with the newly arrived heat lamp, especially designed to warm any part of the body that needs it, as an adjunct to an acupuncture Chinese herbs are categorised in several ways, one of them being whether they are cool, cold, warm or hot. Formulas are carefully composed to address the regulation of the body’s thermostat, to direct the action of the herbs to the correct area and to regulate the flow of qi and blood.

So don’t despair that when winter is here you can’t seem to stay warm – come and try a lovely relaxing acupuncture and heat lamp treatment. Clare is offering to all new clients a discount on the first visit – $95 instead $120.

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