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Seasonal Interest Spring – Oriental Style

Spring has sprung, goes one of the clichéd sayings. It has so many more facets in the Oriental understanding – considering there are five seasons, not four! There are many ‘concordances’ connected with every different time of year, for instance the development commonly associated with spring is birth, new beginnings TCM says that the underlying climate is ‘wind’, the organs ruled by spring are the liver and gallbladder, the sense is that of sight, the associated emotion is anger and the temperament, depression.

Spring flowersAll these can be seen to manifest in allergies that occur during spring, when the wind is blowing pollen around which can make your eyes tear up and get you very upset! It is said that people that have allergies are too sensitive to the wind which can easily penetrate the protective surface of the body and create the uncomfortable symptoms mentioned above.

The colour of spring is green, which tends to be calming on the eyes. Go for a walk and let your eyes recover from those hours spent looking at electric screens! Also calms the liver.

The flavour of this season is sour, which can be found in sprouting seeds – newly born, fresh – or other foods that have a ’culture’ growing them as in yoghurt. They also have a detoxifying effect.

Various methods and points used in acupuncture can have a strengthening effect so that the liver can more easily process the substances that stir up an allergic reaction, whether it be on the skin, in the sinuses or affecting the digestion.

If you are an ‘allergic’ type person, contact Clare to see how she can help you.

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