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Resveratrol – The fountain of youth?

I remember reading how red wine is actually good for you – all my friends were celebrating, while I couldn’t, however, as I don’t enjoy its taste! (I’m a white wine lover). Then I discovered ‘resveratrol’ which is available in a capsule, one being equal to 26 glasses of it, and found out some very interesting facts about it.

glass-of-red-wine-1Resveratrol is a natural compound found in red wine. Earlier studies in animals had shown that resveratrol alleviates insulin resistance and protects against the ill effects of a high-fat diet, among other benefits. I also remember reading that the French people have one of the lowest levels of heart disease, but still enjoy wine and cheese! The effects of taking it are comparable to what happens when animals or humans significantly restrict the number of calories they consume. This diet plan has actually been shown to delay the onset of age-related diseases, but formerly you were bound to feel very hungry and unable to maintain the diet.

It was an Australian scientist, David Sinclair, who with bio-chemist Konrad Howitz, in 2003, published a paper in the journal ‘Nature’. This reported their findings that when resveratrol was fed to fruit flies, they lived longer. This meant that it could have all the benefits of a diet where calories are restricted, without the feelings of starvation

The data shows that resveratrol supplements lessen the amount of energy expended – like eating less does- and improve overall health. Apparently taking it causes a lowering of the metabolic rate, decreases fat in the liver and blood sugar levels and helps to drop blood pressure. Trial participants also experienced changes in the way their muscles burned fat. These metabolic effects of resveratrol also came with no apparent side effects.

So, whether you want to live longer or just more healthily without having to starve yourself, I recommend you try it! If you like red wine, go on drinking it, but add a capsule of resveratrol with a meal – otherwise you’ll get a massive hangover trying to get enough resveratrol from drinking it alone!

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