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Resolve your puffy hands and feet yourself, with this amazing traditional technique!

Edema (retaining fluid) during pregnancy

This is when there is an excessive collection of fluids in the body tissues, which manifests as puffiness or swelling in the hands and feet. Mild edema – that disappears with rest overnight – is considered normal during pregnancy. It usually resolves following childbirth, but can still be unpleasant.

Useful Advice:

  • It is important for the woman to limit standing or sitting for  long periods of time and to rest as much as possible, preferably on her left side.
  • When resting she should sit or lie with her legs elevated and avoid crossing her legs or ankles.
  • Develop a habit of rotating her ankles, and combine with moderate exercise such as swimming, walking or yoga.
  • Maintain a good fluid intake, but avoid eating raw and chilled foods; drinking barley water may be useful.
  • Check that salt intake is not excessive, that is through processed potato chips etc.
  • Pregnancy support stockings, worn during the day, plus removing any tight fitting rings.

The good news, is that the woman can treat herself, with moxa, once she has been shown by her practitioner, to supplement acupuncture treatment. It does need to be done daily however, to be effective. It may take until the fifth day before there is a noticeable change.

Note: If the edema is persistent and is accompanied by a rapid unexplained weight gain or SWELLING IN THE FACE, it requires medical monitoring.

Please contact me, at to find out how to resolve your puffy feet – and hands – at home!

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