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How acupuncture can relieve your stress

Pain is your body’s reaction to trauma, including physical injury, overuse, stress or even emotional upset. It is the number one reason that people come for treatment because Chinese medicine gives fast and lasting relief without surgery or medication. The sensation may be sharp or dull, steady or intermittent, localised –such as in back pain – or all over (such as in muscle aches from the flu)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) assesses the symptoms to find the cause. For example, whether the pain is worse in cold, wet or windy weather; worse after activity or rest, whether recent or long term. When I know this, it indicates the best way to deal with the situation.

Generally needles are inserted in the local area and also at a distal point on the same limb or area of the body. Sometimes a warming technique called ‘moxibustion’ – where a cylinder of compressed herbs is ignited and held over the site -is used for cold affected pain. A gentle electric current may also be used to strengthen the effect of the needles.

Pain can be a result of stagnation, which means that your energy is not flowing correctly (a pinched nerve).Thus some areas are flooded with excess energy creating painful pressure, while other areas may be deprived of energy, causing weakness. Acupuncture removes the obstruction so that the energy can begin flowing correctly and then the pain goes away.

I firstly treat the painful area to give quick symptom relief, through some acupuncture then massage to treat the underlying imbalances that led to the pain, and finally provide lifestyle advice, to prevent reoccurrence. What I mean here is, it’s sometimes okay to stretch, other times you may need to stop your beloved golf or gym work until the treatments have begun to work.

If you suffer from pain, book in soon to prevent it disrupting your life further!

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