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Get Ready for Spring- Hang on! Isn’t it here already?

Hay feverAfter the prolonged summer that lasted until May this year, we seem to have had an early spring! Days were warm and sunny, the daffodils were blooming. It may have cooled down again, but that burst of spring weather reminded us that while it’s happy news for most of us, it’s not for those who suffer from hay fever.

When hay fever hits you can get very uncomfortable symptoms of runny nose, sneezing and red, itchy eyes, painful sinus headache, which can make it difficult to sleep and therefore make you feel very tired. Did you know that having acupuncture and taking Chinese Medicine, can definitely help to alleviate the symptoms, while also correcting any underlying imbalance?

At the moment I am running a great special offer: the initial acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs to last 2 weeks, will be available for the low cost of $160, which is a saving of $60! Get in early to prevent hay fever ruining your springtime!

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