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Acupuncture increases your chances of conception

If you are having difficulty conceiving, Traditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture and Chinese Herbs – may be the answer. Having acupuncture can regulate the menstrual cycle, and helps to lessen the effects of stress on the body, which can otherwise cause problems with ovulation and thus be detrimental to conception.

Acupuncture treatment enhances follicular development in order to improve egg quality and thickens the lining of the uterus so when fertilisation of an egg has occurred, the embryo can implant more easily. It can also work to stimulate egg production in women who can’t, or don’t want to, use fertility medications to help them get pregnant.

Ideally treatments are carried out for 3-6 cycles. Some couples conceive naturally while others decide to take on IVF. At this point acupuncture treatment is continued, but with a different protocol.

In relation to IVF, in a study of 160 women, published in April 2002 in the reproductive journal, Fertility and Sterility, a group of German researchers found that by adding acupuncture to the standard IVF treatment protocols substantially increased pregnancy success.

“When you compare the pregnancy rates for egg producing drug such as Clomid to acupuncture alone, they are equal –a 50% chance of becoming pregnant in 3 months for general patients- to those not undergoing IVF”, says Dr Chang, the medical director of Meridian Medical(US) and a classically trained acupuncturist as well as a western trained medical doctor.

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