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Eclipse number two!

A full moon and lunar eclipse will occur simultaneously – in the sign of Pisces – on September 16. There’s also a square between Mars – the planet of war – and the Moon, which suggests that the pain is centred around old anger or hurt, but now it’s time to let it go.


This will be a very sensitive, emotional time, so be careful not to let how you might be feeling make you lash out. Rather let yourself be vulnerable and go with the flow. The eclipse can help us accept what is, by clearing out the emotional baggage of the previous six months. Try to release your frustrations in a controlled manner through exercise – a walk by the ocean will include the Piscean aspect!

Things will be completed or come to an end, in relationships or something that you’ve been working long and hard on. Express yourself creatively –sing, dance, write or draw. In this way many of us will be able to find balance and a renewed sense of ourselves.

As it will be on a Friday night, take care not to drink too much or get into arguments. Take it easy and spend time with those who understand you the best!

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