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Eat more curry – it’s good for you!

curryPrevent bowel problems – including cancer – naturally.

Did you know that while the incidence of bowel cancer (CRC) in the US, is among the highest in world, in India it is among the lowest?

This suggests that the spices prevalent in the less processed Indian diet, such as cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic and cardamom can prevent CRC.

Modern medicine now agrees that different lifestyles play a role in the development of disease. Whereas a high-calorie diet of processed food, excessive alcohol consumption and a lack of physical activity and true relaxation – meditation – may promote this cancer, a diet containing the above mentioned spices, and also folates, selenium, Vitamin D, plenty of vegetables and fruits plus more physical activity, contribute to the lower rates of this disease.

So, go ahead and eat more curry! An alternative, if you don’t enjoy this type of food, is to take curcumin (turmeric) in pill form these ‘nutraceuticals’, unlike pharmaceutical drugs, are able to modulate multiple targets such as inflammatory pathways and tumour cell survival, without endangering the healthy areas of the bowel, or cancer site. They have also been proven to help in other forms of inflammation, such as joint pain and arthritis.

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