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7 Things to do NOW if you want to have a baby some time!

1. Get your menstrual cycle regulated by having acupuncture and Chinese herbs. These are tailored to your particular pattern and to the three distinct phases within each month. TCM relaxes the body, helps increase your libido and can improve egg quality.

2. Yoga – tones your organs, increases blood to your internal organs, inverted poses stimulate the pituitary gland in the head, which regulates all the hormones (as well as aligning the spine, strengthening and lengthening muscles, opening the joints)

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Cauliflower Cheese Recipe


As the colour associated with autumn is white, and this vegetable is in season now, try this recipe for Cauliflower Cheese – you can substitute with soy or other nut milks if preferred. Ingredients:

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Now it’s beginning to feel a bit like autumn – cooler mornings and nights, clear skies.

TCM says the element of this season is dryness, the sense is that of smell. The organ is the lungs, which rule skin and body hair – or rather,

the opening and closing of the pores. When these are not functioning as well as they could, the cooler weather can lead to us ‘catching cold’ as the ‘wind’ can more easily penetrate. In western medical terms we tend to be more vulnerable to viruses when we are stressed or rundown.

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The Fifth Season – Late Summer

What season is this? It doesn’t feel like autumn! In TCM we have five seasons, the one we are now in, is called ‘late summer.

  • The element connected to it is that of Earth. It acts as a turning point between the hot active (yang) time of summer and the cooler, inward moving (yin) energy of autumn. The colour is yellow or gold.
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If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On…

To me a balanced life includes one where you can express yourself, and for me that is through music and dance. I enjoy all sorts of music, but prefer it if I can dance to it. Arabic music has always moved me, first, over 30 years ago through dance, often called belly dance, but by those closer to the geographical birthplace of this ancient, sensual art, known as ‘Oriental dance’. The rhythms always fascinated me, so my next area of interest became the percussive darabukka or tabla, taking me from slow and smooth, to sharp and exciting within a few moments.

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