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Now it’s beginning to feel a bit like autumn – cooler mornings and nights, clear skies.

TCM says the element of this season is dryness, the sense is that of smell. The organ is the lungs, which rule skin and body hair – or rather,

the opening and closing of the pores. When these are not functioning as well as they could, the cooler weather can lead to us ‘catching cold’ as the ‘wind’ can more easily penetrate. In western medical terms we tend to be more vulnerable to viruses when we are stressed or rundown.

The fruit that can moisturise us internally are pears, as does honey; while the flavour is pungent, for example ginger, which is said to have a dispersing effect. As the associated colour is white, other beneficial foods are daikon – white radish, potatoes, yoghurt. As the skin can become dry at this time, it’s a good idea to moisturise it from within -as well as out – by using coconut oil.

As a child I used to suffer from bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi in the lungs), and I remember the feeling of needing to be propped up in bed in order to breathe. I was fascinated to learn as an adult that TCM noted that the activity that strains the lungs is that of ‘over-lying’.

During autumn our bodies need to prepare for winter. If you catch cold easily, now is the time to strengthen our immunity. Check out Clare’s special offer to help prevent getting sick when the colder weather arrives.

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