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7 Things to do NOW if you want to have a baby some time!

1. Get your menstrual cycle regulated by having acupuncture and Chinese herbs. These are tailored to your particular pattern and to the three distinct phases within each month. TCM relaxes the body, helps increase your libido and can improve egg quality.

2. Yoga – tones your organs, increases blood to your internal organs, inverted poses stimulate the pituitary gland in the head, which regulates all the hormones (as well as aligning the spine, strengthening and lengthening muscles, opening the joints)

3. Improve your gut health – take probiotics- regulate your bowels so you don’t lose vital electrolytes through excessive diarrhoea, or strain your pelvic muscles through constipation…

4. Change your diet- more vegies, fermented foods and organic produce; less wheat and processed food. Get to your optimal weight.

5. Meditation – calms the adrenals and mind. Stress can affect your blood sugar and insulin levels, or lead to depression, anxiety and obesity in your child.

6. Cut down on tuna because of the high mercury content. This adversely affects the neurological and hormonal systems. Try mackerel, sardines, and salmon.

7. Take your vitamins – folic acid, a B vitamin. It protects against miscarriage, preterm birth, high blood pressure, preeclampsia in pregnancy. Also Vitamin D, as in fish oil and the antioxidants in vitamin E – also good for your hormones.

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